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Indra's Net Ciel

Ciel was traumatized at her first home and came back to me. She since has had two litters and is now retired. She will take some slow loving care and will go to a very special person only. 

Please email me at: [email protected] . 

Here are some things to expect from your new adult feline companion:

* Maine Coons make wonderful family pets and will frequently be patient and gentle with overly enthusiastic little hands.

*Maine Coons are large cats and very mellow, but really do not like being carried or picked up very much.

*You can expect your Maine Coon to either love to play fetch, or some other game (Mr. True, my fisrt boy, loved to play Hide and Seek). They are very smart and inventive and will gladly obsess over any game you'd like to teach them.

*Most Maine Coons love to make you laugh at them and will purposefully do goofy things to get your attention. They never lose this characteristic and will frequently have 'kitten-like' qualities even in their elder years.

*Maine Coons love to talk to you in chirps, trills, beeps, barks, and small meows. The Maine Coon has quite a large vocal 'vocabulary'.

*Most Maine Coons are not 'lap' sitters, but will snuggle up next to you on a bed, couch or chair.

*If you are spending time in your enclosed garden, the Maine Coon cat will hang out with you, chasing bugs or laying in the shade while happily supervising your gardening abilities.

*Maine Coon cats are very tolerant of other family pets; as long as the other family pet realizes your new Maine Coon adult is superior.


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