Indra's Net Maine Coon Cats

and Maine Coon Kittens in Northern California

Where Art and Cats meet:

Indra's Net Cattery is a small 'Family' cattery focusing on the health, and spiritual wellbeing, as well as old-style size and coat of the Maine Coon Cat. We live in the beautiful Foothills of the Mountains among towering pines, and close to the stars of Indra's Net.

We are a small non-traditional family run adventure, having no more than 5 to 7 cats at a time. All cats are part of the general hubb-bubb of the house and family life. Indra's Net cats live in the house and underfoot. All females live together, we have no cages.

Mothers and new kittens, however, are seperated in a newly completed kitten room (hooray!) where they can be quiet and out of the general hustle and bustle of the house. This keeps both mom and kittens healthy, happy and peaceful. When the kittens are two months old, they are allowed to play in the house in general with everyone else to introduce them to other cats, dogs and people.

My stud male is housed in my art studio and lives peacefully. He gets lots of individual time while I paint.



About me:

As an Artist, I am able to be at home with my cats much of the time.

I am nearly finished with a huge writing project, so my cats see me at the computer, and step on it to get my attention. So, if you think you see typ-o's on my web pages, you don't, they are really cat-paw messages running across your line of sight..............

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