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Indra's Net Little Lulu

Dear Sande,

Here is a day in the life of Lulu: 


I’ve got these people wrapped around my paws, this is a no-brainer.  When they invite their friends or family over I put on my cuteness & fluffiness and everyone goes, “Ooooo, aaaaa, isn’t she cute.  Even when I go to the Vet’s office Dr. Halperin & the techs all want to cuddle & pet me for a “Cute Check”. If you have ever seen the Animal Planet program, Too Cute, they have nothing on me. But I try to be humble and not too confident because they are extra special nice to me.  I really like it here. So life is good and I appreciate the good upbringing you gave me.  I know it prepared me for my life.  I miss you & all my brothers & sisters and aunts & uncles.  I hope Sam is doing good at the shows he is in.  I bet he is a Grand Champion by now.  I’ll keep in touch.  Maybe I’ll remind them to send pictures now & then......

Indra's Net Loki

Indra's Net Razzmatazz

GC Indra's Net Haiku of Kokuakats is the top Maine Coon in Hawaii!

Hi Sande,We love him!  Linda


Indra's Net Sophie and Syd

Dewey with his new family:

Molly at 1 year!


Indra's Net Pele

Hey Sande, 

This is Meagan and Jason in Georgia, we have Pele the red girl. I just wanted to write you and tell you how wonderful she is and how happy we are. She is still Pele, it just seemed to fit her. She is so loving and playful. And so incredibly soft! Her whiskers are so long she has a ways to go before she catches up. Well I caught her sleeping in a bowl on the mantel, I thought you would love seeing her growth and how well she has acclimated! Thank you so much for her! 



Indra's Net Orion

Just a quick note to let you know that Orion AKA "Max" is really growing. We took him to the vet on his 6 month birthday. He weighed in at a little over 10 pounds. By the way, he did name himself Maxwell Smart. When we got him home, he began investigating everything. This went on for days and he also would crawl under the covers at night and bite our toes. Since he did all of this investigating and under cover work, we decided that he should be Maxwell Smart "Max". Our 8 year old girl "Sophie" becomes agent 99 when he needs her for a job. Also, of all of the Maine Coons that we have had, he is the first one that really thinks he's a dog. He does fetch his little sponge golf balls and drop them at our feet for us to throw them for him. Some times at night he jumps on me and drops one between us and then just waits for one of us to throw it. After 3 or 4 times like this, he usually is satisfied and I get back to sleep.
In closing, thank you for Max. He has really made our house a home again.
Take Care,
Mike & Linda

Indra's Net Aurora

Aurora is living in Los Angeles with Haley, David and her brother Miroki

Indra's Net Apollo

Apollo is living in Mill Valley with Kim, her family and his new furry brother.

Indra's Net Artemis

aka "Snickers" and Beli (not pictured, but from the same litter) are living in Hollister, California with the Kim and Family.

Indra's Net Arinna and Zeus: Brown Classic Tabbies

Arinna (aka Frieda) and Zeus (aka Diego) are living together in New Orleans, Louisiana with Mrs. M. S. et al

Indra's Net Phoenix

Hi there! Our kitty is doing great! We decided to name him Mavrick. He is super frisky at night til 10osh then gets really lovey. Everyone loves him. Thanks a bunch, Melissa

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