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Kitten Sales Policy

*All Kittens will be spayed or neutered prior to leaving their birthing home, no exceptions*



Males and Females are the same price. I do not charge more for 'show' quality Maine Coons.

A DEPOSIT of $500 will hold your kitten. The FULL price includes: 

An AVID Micro-chip, all kitten shots, spay/nueter, CFA paperwork, and a happy healthy kitten.



I accept Paypal, Money Order or Cash for the deposit,

and the same:


No personal checks, please!



 Ponder on an Indra's Net Maine Coon:


*Personality, Health and Happiness of my Maine Coons are #1 importance to me.

*Heart, Hips and Health*

Due to my own experiences with purchasing pet Maine Coons with genetic health issues, I test for these genetic problems. The cats I welcome into my breeding program only have a history of healthy lines.



A Maine Coon is very much like a Golden Retriever. Maine Coons will get along with anyone, but really bond with their "Family". It is as important to carefully select your "Furry Family Member", as they bond and are quite loving and loyal for life. They are known for following their family around, ‘talking’, chirping, trilling and 'barking' and actively interacting. Maine Coons are live, very intelligent beings with loving hearts and deserve to be treated as such.


Kitten Contract:

(Full Contract available through email to read carefully before signing).



  • Are adopting a Maine Coon Kitten or Cat from Indra’s Net and agree to a non-refundable $300 (non-refundable, but transferable) deposit to hold your new family member until she/he is ready to go home with you, usually at 12 weeks old.
  • You agree never to sell, lease or give this cat to anyone without notifying me.
  • You agree never to sell this cat to a pet store or research facility. As such, you agree that you are not a research facility or pet store.
  • You will have your new kitten examined by a licensed veterinarian within 3 days of purchase. If there is any concern, you agree to promptly contact me.
  • You agree to continue to feed and follow a healthy balanced diet for your cat. I am happy to help you. My cats enjoy homemade chicken cat food recipe, combined with grain-free “Solid Gold: Indigo Moon”. As kittens, while adjusting to eating, I feed Royal Canin baby cat and Royal Canin kitten. I find that this food promotes a healthy immune system and healthy intestinal flora.
  • You agree to provide a happy, healthy forever home for your kitten/cat and include them in your family life.
  • You agree to arrive with a plastic secure cat carrier, that is clean functioning and safe, to transport your kitten back home. Please be aware that while the cardboard types are inexpensive, they are also easily destroyed by cats claws (therefore, not safe).
  • You agree to NEVER declaw this cat.
  • You agree to let the cat outside ONLY in a secure cat-run or on a leash.
  • You agree that, if for any reason, you become unable to care for your cat due to a disability or similar situation you will contact me to assist you in finding a new home for your cat. Please make sure that extended family members are aware of this adoption policy in case of emergency.


Indra’s Net:

  • Agrees to provide you with a healthy, well socialized, spiritually happy Maine Coon kitten/cat to adopt into your family (whatever your definition of family).
  • Will do everything possible to make sure that you are taking home a kitten whose temperament will fit with your family.
  • Will provide paperwork certifying that the kitten has been vaccinated for with the tri-Feline vaccination, is FeLv and FIP negative and in good health.
  • Will be responsible for spaying or neutering the kitten before sending it to its new home.
  • Agrees to replace your kitten if death should occur within one year, if it is deemed to be due to a genetic or hereditary defect.
  • Will provide you with CFA registration papers free of charge.
  • Agrees to be available for consultation, questions or concerns as you and your new family member ‘adjust’ to living together.

 Email: [email protected]




All Pet Kittens will meet the CFA Breed Standard for Maine Coons,

However, not every kitten is show quality

(That is just the way nature works!).


We strive to sell Pet Kittens of high quality, that are large happy, healthy Maine Coons with loving personalities. The kittens are well adjusted to people, other cats and dogs (and the general hub-bub of a busy home) and have good genetics. 


Kittens come with first three sets of shots, vet check-up form, spay/neuter certificate, a Kitten Kit with food packet, toys, and tips sheet. CFA registration paperwork shows up within two weeks.


All Kittens will be Spayed or Neutered prior to leaving their birth home, no exceptions. I do not sell breeding kittens to people that I do not know.


If you would like to show your new kitten, please inform me of your intentions when you purchase and we will discuss options and support. Thanks! :)

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