Indra's Net Maine Coon Cats

and Maine Coon Kittens in Northern California

GC RW Indra's Net Samwise Gamgee

8th Best All Breed Cat in Region 2

6th Best Maine Coon in CFA 

Sam at 1 year 7 months old. 

Sam at 8 and a half months old.

Color: Brown Classic Tabby (carries solid and dilute)

Born: 9/26/2012

Sire: GC RW Koonikats Bootstrap Bill (Brown Mackerel Tabby)

Dam: Nektarcats Your Grace of Indra's Net (Black/Brown Classic Tabby)

Genetic Test: N/N Scan: 5/2014 Normal

Sam is my dream come true. My first Home-bred boy from many years of hard work. He became a GC at 8 1/2 months old, obtaining the cherished nickname of "Baby Grand". He went on to achieve his Regional Win in Championship in the same year. He has a sweet, loving personality. He is a big-boned boy, at two years he is currently 24 pounds. He has fathered a couple of litters now. Two of the boys will grace the show halls.

Rising Star:

Indra's Net Betelgeuse

Color: Solid Black

Born: 10/10/2014

Sire: GC RW Indra's Net Samwise Gamgee

Dam: Mrs. Paws Blue Moon of Indra's Net

Genetic Test: Pending

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